Why Use Ecosquared?

Eco2 is a social network where producers of creative content, facilitators and imaginative people can harness the power of Eco2 users to value, collaborate and support content and projects through the power of sharing. Eco2 embodies the benefits of network marketing, crowd funding and community-enabling in one unique and transformational Collective Community.


Share what you value with who you value, while supporting the products, services and experiences you believe in.

Gratitude Engine

Thank anyone for anything, and generate a fair distribution of revenue and resources.


Future Project

Align to mutual future objectives, and help others achieve their dreams while they help you achieve yours.

Improve Everything

Imagine a world where the more you shared, the more that was given to you; where the money pumped into advertising and marketing was instead pumped into improving products, services and experiences; where our individual effort could overcome traditional institutional inertia; in sum, a world which has entered a virtuous cycle of improvement? Ecosquared provides you with a tool to make this world real. All you need is the conviction of your beliefs, and a smartphone.

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